What is Canada Day and how is it celebrated?

Canada dedicate each July 1st to celebrate their culture and history with great Holidays Yes parades where the locals go.

In this 2022, the canada day seeks to reinvent itself to recognize the legacy of the country’s Indigenous peoples, who have suffered over the years. After the discovery of 160 graves of indigenous children in a boarding school demolished in 1980 and other graves across the country, the population modified various celebrations to honor the victims.

This is not the first evolution of the festivitysince originally this day was born under the name of “Dominion Day”.

Canada Origin Day

The origin of Party dates back to July 1, 1867 when Canada was officially created in the British North America Act recognized by Great Britain. With this proclamation, the domain of canada it became an autonomous region within the British Empire.

However, it was nearly a year later that Governor Lord Monck ordered the entire population to celebrate the country on June 1 and until 1879 it became a public holiday. At that time it was called the anniversary of Confederation and later its name was changed to National Holidayto celebrate the rapprochement of the Confederation and Canada with the British Empire.

In 1982, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau proposed changing the name of the celebration beforeJuly 1but it was not until October that it officially became the Canada Day.

As part of the celebrations, the Parliament Building was constructed, which later hosted Canadian flag-raising ceremonies, concerts, and performances. fireworks.

This day is so important that even Queen Elizabeth and Prince William joined in the celebrations between 2010 and 2011.

How is Canada Day celebrated?

The iconic celebration of Canada Day It is the fireworks which, since 1981, illuminates the 15 main cities of the country.

Each July 1st, activities are also organized for Canadian families, such as obstacle courses, fairs and workshops. Various exhibitions of the Canadian Armed Forces are also organized.

In Montreal, most of the activities will take place in the Old Port and in Laval. In the evening, various artists will perform at Carré St-Pierre and then the pyrotechnic show will begin.

In Toronto some shows have been canceled and others have been rescheduled for Saturday July 2.

In Vancouver he prepared canada day parade and a family fair in Sydney’s Iroquois Park, which includes a boat launch, while in Canada Musicians and dancers will perform.

In Ottawa, festivals will take place day and night at LeBreton Flats Park, Place des Festivals Zibi and the Canadian Parliament. In addition, the main museums of the capital offer free access.

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