A Russian delegation led by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is meeting today with the Turkish government to negotiate how to send to international markets up to 20 million tonnes of grain held in Ukraine by the Russian invasionthus seeking to avoid a food crisis.

Ministers from Russia and Turkey will first hold a meeting and then lead contacts between their countries’ teams, before offering a press conference.

The main subject of the negotiation will revolve around avoid a shortage crisis due to the blocking of millions of tons of wheat and other foods for the blockade of Ukrainian posts, in particular Odessa, on the Black Sea.

For his part, Nikolai Solski, Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine, thanked the Turkish government for its work in “export support” of grain from Ukrainian territory at war with Russia.

“We thank Turkey for its efforts and support in creating a humanitarian corridor so that Ukrainian grain can be exported from our country’s ports,” he said.

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