Vladimir Putin responds to Boris Johnson’s Chicanas for his shirtless photos: ‘Alcohol abuse needs to stop’

After the British Prime Minister said that “if Putin were a woman” he would not have invaded Ukraine and the Russian President then blamed Margaret Thatcher for the Malvinas War, a new chapter in the clash between Boris Johnson Yes Vladimir Poutine.

It is that in the last hours a video recorded during the summit of the G7 in Germany where Johnson is heard alongside the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeaudeceive the Russian president on his shirtless photos.

“We all have to show that we are tougher than Putin”Johnson chimes in as Trudeau adds, “We’re going to do a shirtless riding demonstration.”

After Boris Johnson’s sexist accusation, Putin reminded him of Margaret Thatcher’s Falklands War

The quibbles don’t stop there. As seen in the video, the British leader said: “We have to show him our pecs“. The clear reference is the photos in which the Russian president appears without a shirt on bears or horses.

The scene It didn’t take long to hit Moscow. It is that this Thursday, Putin gave a press conference during which he was asked about Chicanas and, in response, he issued advice: “We need to stop alcohol abuse.”

Putin’s counterattack

The President of Russia began his response by following the thread of jokes from his peers. “I don’t know how they wanted to strip, either to the waist or below. But I think that would have been a disgusting sight either way,” he said.

He immediately started thinking about the situation. He said that “everything in a person must develop harmoniously both in soul and in body”. And he fired again: “You must give up alcohol abuse and other bad habits, and play sports“.

Boris Johnson compared the Falklands to invading Ukraine and said if Vladimir Putin were a woman there would be no war

In this last sentence, the allusion was direct to the British Prime Minister, who had hit the headlines last January for his participation in a party with alcoholic drinks in a seat of government during the strict lockdown of 2020.

Beyond that, Putin said he knew the colleagues who joked about his photos and acknowledged that “we didn’t have the best period of our relationship and it is understandable. However, he noted, “All of these people are leaders, they have character and if they want it, they will achieve the desired success. But you have to work on yourself.”


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