(VIDEO) Half-naked activists interrupt a party in Canada

Photo courtesy of @residualimage

(CRHoy.com).- Two half-naked activists paralyzed the match between Canada and Curaçao, which was disputed in the city of Vancouver, in order to attract attention before the felling of primary forests in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The information, published in social networks and by the CTV News Vancouver network, pointed out that the two were linked to Yellow and black decals with the words “Save Old Growth” were attached to the posts of one of the field frames and on their bodies.

“Save Old Growth”, is a campaign of civil resistance to demand an end to the felling of old trees.

Stadium security and police removed them from the sports arena.

One of the protesters, identified only as Ever, 37, said the match was halted so people could clearly hear the message: “Our days are numbered. We have only 1,022 days left before an irreversible climate collapse,” he said in a statement provided by “Save Old Growth.”

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