USMCA. What stages follow the American-Canadian conflict against Mexico?

The request for consultations or the initiation of commercial disputes by the energetic policy it started United States and Canada vs. Mexicoit will take a series of steps that can take up to almost a year.

Initially, the treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA) establishes that the accused party, in this case the Mexican government, must engage in dialogue with its counterparts no later than 30 days after the filing of the American and Canadian requests, which were filed on July 20 in both cases.

After these 30 days, the phase called querieswhich can last up to 75 days or more if the parties agree, where an agreement will be sought through dialogue.

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What happens if no agreement is reached through dialogue?

according to the signature HR consultants If an agreement is not reached through dialogue, a panel is formed, which will be designated by mutual agreement between the parties in conflict, and may be composed of three or five members.

As soon as the name of the last panelist has been established, the preliminary report must be submitted within 150 days, this period may be extended at the request of the panel by 30 days or another period agreed by the parties in conflict, c ie from It may take between eight and nine months before panelists are appointed to resolve the dispute.

As soon as the preliminary report has been submitted, the parties to the conflict may submit observations within 15 days or within another period, to be agreed.

In the RRH Consultores Brushstrokes document, it was stated that “the final report will be published 30 days after the preliminary report, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

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Once the final report is published, the Disputing Parties must make the report public no later than 15 days later”.

If a decision against Mexico is issued in which a violation of the T-MEC is determined, they will have 45 days to try to reach an agreement and, if they cannot, the United States could automatically suspend the concessions .

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