US seeks options for ISS to continue operating without Russia

The United States is already examining options for the international space station (ISS) continue to operate without Russia from 2024White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday.

“We are exploring options, of course, to mitigate any impact that may have on the International Space Station after 2024 if Russia abandons it,” Kirby said at a press conference in response to a question from Efe.

However, he said the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmosdid not officially notify NASA of its decision to leave the ISS in 2024 and build a future Russian orbital station (EOR).

The new boss of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov confirmed on Tuesday that Moscow will leave the ISS after 2024. when the international space cooperation agreements that the Kremlin had already signed come to an end.

Former Roscosmos boss Dmitry Rogozin had already said in June that sanctions imposed on the Russian space sector were complicating a greater Russian presence on the ISS.

The ISS has for years been a international cooperation symbol and is managed by five agencies space: NASA of the United States, Roscosmos of Russia, JAXA of Japan, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.

The laboratory, of which the first piece was put into orbit in 1988has been the scene of scientific collaborations, weightlessness experiments and tests with new space equipment.

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