Universities in Querétaro increasingly seek talent in Mexico

To connect companies with universities and continue to work together, the Querétaro delegation at Hannover Messe has consolidated agreements in favor of vocational training. “In Querétaro, we don’t offer cheap labor, but highly skilled labor,” said Governor Mauricio Kuri, in an interview with four zeroas part of the 2022 edition of this event.

For this reason, in the said institution announced the Consortium of Technological and Polytechnic Universities of the State of Querétaro. Integrated with six universitiesthe objective of the consortium is to coordinate the efforts of institutions to train professionals with local and international impact.

In addition, this structure will make it possible to take advantage of internationalization agreements so that the State becomes one of the main promoters of global education in Mexico, underlined the rector of the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Christian Reyes Méndez , on behalf of the Secretary of Education, Martha Elena Soto Obregón.

The participants in the consortium are the Polytechnic University of Querétaro (UPQ); the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Jáuregui (UPSRJ); the Aeronautical University of Querétaro (UNAQ); the Technological University of Querétaro (UTEQ); the Technological University of Corregidora (UTC) and the Technological University of San Juan del Río (UTSJR).

Professionals with local and international impact

As part of these actions, Governor Mauricio Kuri also announced the Ambassadors scholarship program. The program consists of mobility of a hundred students to countries such as Germany, the United States and Canada. Stays lasting approximately four weeks will be intended for students from the fields of science, technology and sustainability.

In addition, the program includes an agreement with a Canadian university that will allow 60 teachers to study and train. The aim is for academics to certify the English language and publish scientific texts. With this, Querétaro seeks to strengthen its participation in the global academy and train professionals in multicultural environments.

For his part, the rector of the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Christian Reyes Méndez, announced the creation of the Querétaro KNOT, as part of the working tour in Germany. Composed of strategic actors from the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as the state government, the Ministry of Education and Mexican migrants, the network seeks to generate and develop joint initiatives.

Rector Reyes Méndez, on behalf of Education Secretary Martha Elena Soto Obregón, also met with Mexico’s Ambassador to Germany, Francisco Quiroga. agreed promote the teaching of the German language from upper secondary education and promote student mobility between Germany and Mexico.

Government, universities and businesses: cooperation and links

For explore cooperation and bonding mechanisms, the Querétaro delegation met with representatives of the University of Bradford, United Kingdom; the Luxembourg startup Data Things, which promotes the development of data science training; and Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany.

These actions are in addition to agreement that the Querétaro delegation has approved with Siemens to promote the professional development of more than 600 students who will be trained in the development of applications with Low Code technology on the Mendix platform.

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