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Switzerland halts Germany and Denmark’s plan

Switzerland will continue its historical policy of neutrality. This Friday, the country clarified that it will not allow arms manufactured in Switzerland to reach Ukraine via third countries. According to Swiss law on war materialexport applications cannot be approved if the host country is in an international armed conflict, a condition Ukraine now meets.

“Since the export of war material from Switzerland to Ukraine cannot be authorized on the basis of equal treatment under the law of neutrality (…) it is not possible to approve the requests of Germany and Denmark for the transfer of war material to Ukraine“, indicated the Federal Council.

However, the government decided that yes it will still be possible to deliver war material in the form of assembly parts or individual components to European arms companies, even if the war material produced is likely to be sent to Ukraine. “Deliveries of war material in the form of spare parts and assembly packages are in principle authorized, provided that their participation in the final product is less” than 50% for countries such as Italy and Germany, a- he recalled.

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