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WHO verifies 269 attacks on health services in Ukraine, which left 76 dead

The World Health Organization (WHO) verified until Thursday 269 ​​attacks on health services in Ukraine within 100 days of war, which left at least 76 dead and 59 injured.

“These attacks are not justifiable, they are never acceptable, and they should be investigated. No medical professional should have to provide healthcare on the edge.”but that is exactly what Ukrainian nurses, doctors, paramedics and medical teams are doing,” Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, said in a statement.

The United Nations International Health Organization denounced the destruction of some health centerswhile others were “overwhelmed” by people seeking treatment for injuries resulting directly from the war.

The WHO has established centers in areas close to the conflict, such as Dniproto quickly reach the areas most in need.

“This war has lasted 100 days too long, smashing lives and communities, and endangering the short and long term health of the Ukrainian population. WHO is doing all it can to support the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and deliver essential medical supplies and equipment. But hehe medicine Ukraine needs most is the one the WHO cannot provide: peace. We call on Russia to end the war,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

The WHO has asked raise $147.5 million (€137.24 million) to meet growing humanitarian needs in Ukraineprovide immediate health care and help the health system.

Of this total, 80 million dollars (74.43 million euros) are needed for the distribution of medicines and the provision of vital health servicesand an additional $67.5 million (€62.80 million) to help countries hosting and welcoming refugees, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Moldova and Romania.

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