Toronto wins whole numbers as possible destination for Durant

By the time Kevin Durant told the Nets he wanted to be traded, the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns quickly emerged as the primary favorites to rehire the forward, both due to the player’s personal desire and because of his blows to the face. of a possible transfer. However, as Adrian Wojnarowski, a journalist from ESPNthere is another franchise that seems to be gaining ground in order to take over the services of the 2014 MVP: the Toronto Raptors.

According to Woj, the large number of men of interest in the Canadian team would allow them to make better offers than their competitors, and they also have enough sporting potential that the striker would welcome the change of scenery. In contrast, the Kawhi Leonard transfer precedent shows that Masai Ujiri, the team’s president, doesn’t shake his pulse when it comes to making risky and sacrificial moves to win a superstardom. In addition, the sporting success of this operation could be an incentive to opt for KD this summer.

The question, as with other suitors, is how far they are willing to trade their biggest players, and it seems the one man the Canadiens would refuse to move is Scottie Barnes. This, again, gives them an edge over franchises like Miami because, according to the reporter from Athleticism Sam Amick, Durant would only want to go to South Beach if he can meet Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo there, making it difficult to get a deal with Brooklyn.

So is Ujiri ready to include a man like, say, Pascal Siakam in a way similar to what he did with DeRozan in 2018? If so, the Raptors may have more integers than anyone else and, as Wojnarowski warns, you can’t watch them.

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