This is how these Mexicans emigrated and realized the “Canadian dream”

According to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, for 78 years the two countries have maintained a relationship of economic and cultural exchange characterized by the movement of people, increased trade and investment.

A sign of the importance of migrants in the Canadian economy, which is among the top ten in the world, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the Government of Canada has announced its migration plan to grant more 1.3 million permanent residences in different migration categories until 2024.

In addition, the government has shown its preference for migrants already residing in Canada having a professional, commercial and/or educational activity, giving them absolute priority over migrants who submit applications from their country of origin, without having carried out any of the above activities in Canada.

For example, as Canadian immigration consultants, 98% of mexican families that we advise you to apply for permanent residence, currently already living in the country of the maple leaf.

Immigrate to Canada It takes planning and strategy. The person concerned must be clear about the critical path to follow before submitting your application to the embassy. When a strategy is planned in advance, between 6 and 10 months, the candidate and his family feel better prepared and this gives them more possibilities to carry out a process.

As is the case of Laura and her husband, a Mexican couple who in 2020 decided to emigrate to Toronto with their two children to start a new life and now they are part of the 98% mentioned above.

For this process, the couple needed to know what program adapted to their profiles and needs, in addition to the time they would invest in it. Once all the steps provided for in her immigration strategy had been completed, it was Laura who applied for and obtained her study permit, with which she was able to move with her family and begin a degree in January 2021. In the meantime, her husband has an open work permit.

Another example are Manuel and Claudia, from Mexico City, who in the last quarter of 2019 decided to emigrate by investing in a company in Vancouver. During the first months of 2020, they focused on planning their project from Mexico. However, like many other cases, the pandemic caused them to suspend their process, as they could not travel to Canada as visitors for business reasons when the North American country closed its borders.

When Canada announced the reopening of its borders in September 2021, the couple was finally able to travel to see businesses for sale, establish their business, open bank accounts and explore the area where they would live. It is necessary to clarify that in the migration plan as an investor, sooner or later it will be essential that the interested party travels to Canada to carry out certain commercial activities before submitting a work permit application to operate their new business, as was the case with Manuel and Claudia.

Much like the Canadian dreams of Mexicans that I shared, in the years to come many of them will receive job offers, enroll in study programs or start businesses in a Canadian province. What will make them good candidates to apply? permanent residences and contribute to achieving the objectives of the Ministry of Migration.

Rita Benkhalti, CEO of North Horizon Immigration and Certified Immigration Consultant by the Canadian Regulatory Council.

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