This Canadian company pays $78,000 a year to eat candy

It’s a real challenge to hold back and resist eating sweets, but someone who makes a living doing it will surely bring one of the most tempting tasks ever seen.

Confectionery work is taken very seriously by name companies like M&M, or Hershey, but also by Candy Funhouse, a Canadian company that is looking for its next ‘Chief Candy Officer’, a kind of Willy Wonka who will have to taste candies and give them your consent.

According to the company’s CEO, Jamal Hejazi, the idea was born out of his own need to see his business grow.

“We needed someone to lead our team of candologists. A team member suggested we ask his son for some creative inspiration, and that was our moment,” he said.

And it is that the task of finding the ideal candidate for the position is not an easy thing, and not only does it take someone to have an appetite for sweets, there are thousands of applications for the position that continue receive resumes via LinkedIn.

“So far, we have received over 100,000 applications and the response has been overwhelming. The number of applicants keeps growing day by day and we can only imagine what the final number will be,” notes Hejazi, who, together with her sisters, has devised a veritable publicity strategy that gets people talking about this exquisite work in half the world.

Although Johnny Depp doesn’t have much spare time these days, a little sweetness wouldn’t hurt; Asking the boss who would be the ideal candidate, he replied that “an essential requirement is a passion for sweets and creativity. The ideal candidate for the job would be Willy Wonka,” he said.

Sweet Dreams

The company was founded in 2018 by Hejazi and her two brothers, also the mother of this dynamic trio, taught them from the start that colors and flavors were made for taste, catapulting the company which millions of people speak today towards success.

The family wants to differentiate itself from other online competitors like Amazon, with an “authentic” mix of products, no minimum order and a strong push on social media.

“Candy Funhouse’s success on social media has led to the creation of a tight-knit social community fueled by a love of candy and pop culture,” says Hejazi, the manager of its 2.8 million followers on TikTok.

“Listening to our audience has been key to growing our social media accounts. We engage in active social listening to our audience and create content that as candy lovers we would love to watch,” he says.

According to Hejazi himself, who is CEO but also enjoys trying the dozens of candies that come to his office, another factor that has contributed to Candy Funhouse’s success has been setting trends in the community and keeping abreast.

He says his key is having a young and dynamic team driven by technology, which has allowed Candy Funhouse to become the spearhead of all things candy on the internet.

“We have seen extreme growth year on year and it has been a success from day one. If I had to highlight a few key success factors, it would be our creative and dynamic team of candy lovers who always think of the unimaginable and our amazing community of Candy-FUNatics” because candy fans are growing every day judging by their Over 38 million likes who like everything your company produces on TikTok.

The sweetest work

Of course, we asked Hejazi what the specific job was for the lucky winner of the $78,000 per year contract to serve as “CCO” for Candy Funhouse, here are some stats:

A. The position would involve testing a total of 3,500 products (plus new inventory), or approximately 30 products per month.

B. Other parts of the job include being a brand rep and helping create the sweetest story ever told.

C. They will have an intrinsic role to play in deciding the products they sell and invent, as well as awarding the CCO seal of approval to their top picks.

CVs will be accepted until August 31, 2022.

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