They dismissed the polo player Clemente Zavaleta, son of one of the golden triplets: he had suffered a serious accident falling from his horse

Concern in the world of sport: the fall of polo player Clemente Zavaleta

This Friday the polo player Clement Zavaleta was discharged after spending almost three months in a hospital in United States for the serious accident he suffered during a game in Palm Beach, Florida. The athlete posted the news on his social networks and thanked everyone who cared about him.

I am grateful for the prayers and support received by my family, my friends, the polo community, and also by people I do not know who prayed everywhere for my health. I thank the medical teams at Saint Marys and Shepherd Center for their dedication and professionalism. I thank the world of journalism for respecting my privacy. Today, I am out of danger. And I am grateful for the love of God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary who gave me the faith and the energy to get out of this ordeal in life and give me a second chance. Thanks Totals,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Zavaleta, son of María Emilia Fernández Rousse, one of gold triplets, had staged a resounding fall from his horse which left him 15 minutes unconscious and caused several injuries that required two surgeries. a corkscrew, who had to be rushed by helicopter to a nearby medical center, was playing for the Canadian team Frederick Mannixcalled Happinesswith the Argentinians Augustin Merlos Yes John Bolini.

Clemente Zavaleta hugging his loved ones

The 36-year-old Argentine’s first known medical part indicated he had a clot in the head next to a brainstem injury, while a lung had bled and he had several fractured ribs. The specialists had to drain the areas and put him in a coma to continue the successful operation.

Son of María Emilia and Clemente Zabaleta, who was also a polo player, and works as a manager in the Alegría organization, based in Buenos Aires and in the North American country. The young man has two sisters, Emily and Sonya. Married French Isabelle Strom, granddaughter of French magnate Robert Zellinger de Balkany and is the father of five-year-old Olimpia and four-year-old Assia Eugénie. This week, in dialogue with Teleshow, the mother of the polo player had anticipated that they would soon receive good news: “He is fine, in full rehabilitation”commented.

    Clemente Zavaleta is married to Isabelle Strom
Clemente Zavaleta is married to Isabelle Strom

United as always, since childhood, on more than one occasion the triplets used their networks to reference these protests: “Thank you for the thousands of messages that reach us through all contact channels. Love and good energy are very much felt. Faith, along with love, are the most powerful forces in the world. And whatever religion is practiced or believed: they help, heal and work miracles. Let’s continue to pray, each to his own God, for the Corchito. Thank you all”.

To help with the costs of your operations and treatments, The Grand Champions Polo Club launched a campaign in April to raise $800,000. Through gofundme they explained: “We are asking our friends around the world to help raise funds for Clemente Corchito Zavaleta. He had a terrible accident while playing polo. In an effort to help Clemente and his family ease some of the stress during this time difficult, we are asking the polo community to come together and donate to help with medical bills and other expenses the Zavaletas may face during this time.” Through the page, users can donate whatever they want, starting at five dollars, anonymously or not, and they can leave messages of support for the athlete and his family.


This was the fall of Argentine polo player Clemente Zavaleta during the Palm Beach Open
The moving photo of the Golden Triplets watching over the recovery of Clemente Zavaleta

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