They denounce the hauling, the buying of votes and the burning of the ballot boxes

During the development of Election day in Morena to elect party state councilorsburning ballots, transporting people to polling stations and buying votes were denounced.

In Mexico, academic John Ackerman denounced wetsuit tractiontrucks and buying votes for people to vote in district 23 of Coyoacán.

He pointed out that the vote was bought at 300 and 500 pesos; He indicated that in this district “Operative Cazamapaches” is applied to defend the legality of the trial.

In the office of the mayor of Iztacalco, it was denounced that Morena activists had been brought to the headquarters of the Sala de Armas, where the leader of the party, Mario Delgado, had voted early.

While among the Roma, complaints and even fights were reported due to the disorganization, such as in the polling station of the multi-family courts of the medical center.

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In Chiapas, in the districts of Huehuetán and Copainalá, ballot papers and ballot boxes were set on fire; In both cases, the vote to elect the national directors of Morena was canceled, reported the Reformed newspaper.

Meanwhile, the newspaper adds, in Tenejapa there was an altercation between supporters and the ballot boxes fell to the ground and were destroyed.

In oaxacathe former local deputy, Flavio Sosa, denounced that in Santa Lucía del Camino a “security” group had intimidated and attacked the deputy Melina Hernández.

He assured that there had been a “gross induction of the vote in Huajuapan de León, despite the fact that it was something we always fought against.

Meanwhile, deputy Melina Hernández pointed out that the tellers at the polling station located in Santa Lucía del Camino operated for Jorge Taurino and Alberta Santos for the councilors, issuing cards to the table.

In Juchitlán, it was reported that dozens of people destroyed the voting center set up in Heliodoro Charis Park, after the polling station was saturated, causing discontent and later the destruction of screens and stationery store.

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In Veracruz, he arrested deputy Jessica Ramírez Cisneros after having caused disturbances in the box of district 14, in Minatitlán.

according tol Journal ReformaRamírez Cisneros, who aspires to be a member of the National Congress, intended to enter the polling station with dozens of companions, but by refusing him passage with everyone else, he sought to interrupt the day.

The National Chief of Brunette, Mario Delgadowarned that in cases where transportation is reported on election day for party state councilors and there is evidence, that district’s vote will be voided.

On election day, which will also take place this Sunday, Morena’s Congressional councilors will be defined in the 300 constituencies.

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