The world’s largest exoskeleton inspiring a new sport

“At first you’re locked in because the exoskeleton is tied directly to the frame and the feet of the machine. And so until you turn it on, you can’t move. Then the pumps turn on and the fluid begins to flow, the pressure builds and the machine suddenly comes loose and becomes as if it were alive.And you realize that with the slightest push of your hand or your foot, this ten thousand pound machine will move under your control.

This was reported in an interview with Reuters by artist and mechanical engineer Jonathan Tippett, the creator of this mechanical beast and, who said that in his teens he was marked by The Transformers series and the electric charger in the movie “Aliens”, by James Cameron.

With this idea in mind, this Canadian managed to build the first and largest mechanical exoskeleton suit in the world, and also became a pioneer of a whole new sport of mechanical racing.

“There’s literally no such thing, nothing quite like putting on a giant 200 horsepower suit. The machine amplifies your strength about 50 times,” Tippett said.

The over three meter tall exoskeleton, dubbed Prosthesis, can be fully human controlled and intends to use them in a new sport in the near future.

Tippet and his team partnered with technology company Furrion to complete the prosthetic exoskeleton in early 2017. He also founded Exosapien Technologies, a Vancouver-based company that continues to develop the technology and is also creating a global running league of robots. .

The sport would involve five or six professional athletes using mechanical suits, where they would race on huge and complex race tracks, pushing everything in their way and overcoming obstacles.

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