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The meeting between Trudeau and López Obrador goes unnoticed in the Canadian press

Jair Soto | The sun of Mexico

The meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador went unnoticed by mainstream Canadian print and digital media.

Following the meeting between the two leaders, the web pages of the country’s major newspapers did not highlight the meeting with a lukewarm mention of a dialogue between Trudeau and López Obrador, however, they give more space to forecasts of the scheduled meeting with United States President Joe Biden.

The Globe & Mail, on the other hand, focuses more on trade issues and the supply chain crisis between the United States and Canada.

For its part, the National Post is more concerned about why the United States is not taking them seriously before the meeting between Trudeau and Biden, the same direction that the Toronto Sun newspaper manages.

Other journalistic groups such as Montreal Gazzete, Toronto Star or Le Press manage a very shy coverage of the event, publishing, without highlighting in their web spaces, the beginning of the Summit of North American Leaders.

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