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The US visa application process is not complicatedHowever, you have to pay close attention to detail. For example, you must take into account the type of visa you are applying for, since there are several types of visa which are divided into two broad categories: nonimmigrant visas and immigrant visas.

Among the different types of visas, the most required is the B1/B2 for business and tourism, framed in the category of non-immigrants.

Some 15 million foreigners apply each year for a visa to enter this country. The United States is one of the main destinations for Ecuadorian travelers.

There are several reasons why you might be denied a visa to the United States; Even if you already have it, it could be revoked. The decision whether or not to grant the visa rests with the consular official who interviews the applicant at the embassy or consulate.

The consular officer will interview the applicant about their travel plans, but will also review the personal, financial, and professional information provided on the DS-160 form. After comparing them, you will decide whether to grant or deny the request.

There are several reasons why a consular officer may refuse the request. For example, in 2020, a total of 1.7 million queries visa applications were rejected as deemed ineligible.

A mistake that is usually made when filling out the application is not understanding what DS-160 form request. The form is in English, but it is translated automatically. Other problems often recorded are the incorrect entry of names, date of birth or gender.

Inaccurate information is also another mistake. It is ideal for detailing, for example, the place where you will be staying. Enter street names, states or zip codes; as well as travel dates, routes, work data, etc.

According to the USCISthe main reason for refusal of a nonimmigrant visa is that the applicant “has not established entitlement to nonimmigrant status”, a ground listed in Section 214(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). As explained at CNN immigration attorney Noemí G. Ramírez, this occurs when “the State Department is not satisfied that you have presented sufficient evidence that you will return to your home country”.

Another common mistake candidates make is not prepare for the interview. During this, the consular officer It will be based on the information that was entered on the DS-160 form and so it is essential to remember this. During the interview, for example, you are asked where you are going, so you must answer the destination you entered on the form.

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Also, during the interview, you must only answer what is asked, and above all, Do not lie. (YO)

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