The mental health problem that scarred Shawn Mendes

Shawn Peter Raul Mendesbetter known as Shawn Mendez, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He became known by the application called Has come, as his content began to go viral. These were videos with a maximum length of six seconds repeated and continuous, where he uploaded his videos doing his versions of recognized songs.

In January 2011, he created his first account on Youtube, however, a year and a half passed when he managed to place his first titled cover “Hometown Glory”, Song by the British singer-songwriter Adele.

Last year, Shawn revealed that he was suffering body dysmorphia, a disorder that makes a person obsess over the image they see in the mirror. This is why the successful artist has criticized the excessive digital retouching done in publicity photos, as he said that having been a victim of this practice, he frequently compared his body with photographs of him that were published.

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This disorder from which he suffers Shawn can’t stop thinking about your assumptions “defaults” physical. People who suffer from it often perceive characteristics of their body that could be considered as “imperfection”, having as a reference the social norms of beauty.

After all the controversy over his breakup with the singer Camille Hairlast April, the Canadian singer opened his heart by showing his vulnerable side and broached a very personal subject.

The interpreter of “Miss” He shared a text through his social networks in which he himself exposed the fears he faced despite having a very successful career and a seemingly happy life. He captured his feelings and emotions that he dealt with every day on said note.

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“Sometimes I wonder what I should do with my life and I always answer ‘tell the truth, be true,'” the singer began to write.

He even confessed that he was afraid of boring people.

“I’m afraid that if people know and see the truth, they will think badly of me and be bored. So in those times when I feel down, I hide it.

“The truth is, like any 23-year-old, I constantly feel like I’m going up or down. Maybe that’s what it’s like to be in your twenties, I don’t know. maybe just me.”

Finally, he spoke about his breakup with the singer, saying that even if he is successful, the truth is that it is difficult for him to feel that he is not giving everything, focusing on what he does not have and forgetting everything he does.

The text ends with the singer’s reflection, stating that he felt overwhelmed and overstimulated.

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