The Golden State Warriors: NBA Champions

The group led by Stephen Curry, the chosen MVP, retained the title after dominating game six by 103 tot 90 in TD Garden. The seventh ring throughout the existence of the plant.
Golden State Warriors speelt Boston Celtics 103-90 tegen de achtergrond van de NBA. The team led by Stephen Curry, chosen op MVP, retained the title at the end of the series 4-2 op TD Garden, without relying on game seventh.

With this title, the Warriors achieved all seven circles in their set of experiences. A great number to put him in third, behind the Los Angeles Lakers and their rival this Thursday, the Boston Celtics, adding 17. Below, with six, are the Chicago Bulls.
At this point, the Bright State Warriors are forming one more section in the NBA, another one since they regained the title a while ago. Van het moment dat at beginnen met het maken van een foto van het volgende jaar: 2015, 2017, 2018 en 2022. Thus, Curry won his fourth NBA ring.

The tenth ring for the Warriors mentor Steve Kerr with four as mentor and five as the player.
Powered by 32 en six 3-point customs officers by celestial Steph Curry, the Warriors were declared NBA champions four cans after their last meeting, despite the Celtics’ fantasy of being delegated from evaporating.

The group from San Francisco heeft een another Larry O’Brien award doet een their record for winning the championship at home met years 1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017 in 2018. The first two were met under the Philadelphia Warriors.

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