The Goddess and the Concert Couch in Canada

Controversial Cuban singer Dianelys Alfonso, known as The Goddess of Cuba, reported on her social media that she will be doing a brief tour of two Canadian cities in August with popular Cuban reggaeton artist known as Divan .

The Goddess will visit this country in August for two short presentations. On August 26 and 27, he will perform in Toronto and Montreal respectively, with reggaeton singer Divan and Raiza “La Malcriá”.

Unfortunately, this week La Diosa announced on its social networks the cancellation, by the administration, of its concert at the Liceo de Regla in Havana, which was to take place on July 30.

“I’m sorry my people, my concert at the Liceo de Regla has been suspended. The reason they give me is that it is the day of the martyrs,” the interpreter wrote on her Instagram profile. Faced with the anger of her supporters against the administration, the Goddess called for calm.

Shortly after, he expressed his wish that at some point his audience on the island could enjoy live “The 40 Pound Papaya”, his latest hit.

“How I like to see how children, men, women. Comedians, actors, singers, artists, public figures. TV shows, radio stations. In Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, USA, Russia etc. They are dancing and enjoying the theme of La Papaya by 40 books. It is something that I wish you to experience one day. Many blessings, “he assured in his networks.

Recently, La Diosa defended herself from those who criticize her on the networks and call her “vulgar”. “Vulgar, but talented. Goddess, there is only one,” the former NG La Banda member replied.

“They know who put me where I am, those who never asked me to change my way of being and with them I go to the end of the world. Yes, vulgar, but with talent”, he said. he concluded.

Critics came over the launch of her new song “the waist with a garden pinguita”, which the singer described as her “next stick”. Before, he had heated the fillets with “the 40-pound papaya”.

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