The first SMS in history was auctioned off as NFT: a Canadian paid more than 120,000 USD

The first SMS in history, sold at auction in Paris in the form of a digicode for 107,000 euros (about 120,000 dollars) (Photo: EFE)

The first SMS in history, sent by the operator Vodafone on December 3, 1992was auctioned this Tuesday under the name NFT by €107,000 (over $120,000) during a house sale Aguttes in France.

The buyer, whose full identity has not been revealed, is a Canadian who works in the new technology sector. You are now the exclusive owner of a unique digital replica of the original communication protocol that transmitted this SMS.

After adding the auction fee, the post was eventually sold by 132,680 euros (about $149,000).

A replica of the original message (Photo: Reuters)
A replica of the original message (Photo: Reuters)

Received at the time by Vodafone employee Richard Jarvisthe text message is 15 characters long and reads “Merry Christmas”.

The name NFT is an acronym for Non-fungible tokenwhich means in spanish non-fungible token.

It’s a new kind of digital activesuch as cryptocurrencies and uses the same technology as blockchains, which consist of a form of identification that it involves a multitude of individuals, without a unifying core.

An NFT or “digital object” is unique and cannot be exchanged for an equivalent.

Most buyers are collectors That is speculators who hope to be able to resell them later and earn a dividend.

In fact, NFTs have been the protagonists of several auctions with breathtaking prices. The record was reached by the American artist beep with a totally digital work for 69.3 million euros (more than 78 million dollars) in March at Christie’s in Paris.

(With information from AFP)

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