The best Russian sniper was shot in Ukraine

The so-called Russian “Wali”, represents a major loss in the elite Armed Forces serving Moscow, and died in the fighting taking place in Donetsk, Ukraine.

The Armed forces of Ukraine They shot down the best sniper in the service of the Kremlin, the nicknamed shooter “the Russian wali” he was a Canadian national and had voluntarily enlisted in the war.

Hurry the news of the fall Alexander Kislinsky, circle in mainstream Russian media where he is considered a “hero” and “warrior” deserving of “eternal memory” for his performance on the battlefield.

According to reports, the gunman nicknamed “the Russian wali” had experience of other combats in Afghanistan. The VK account that is assigned to the Russian special units (SPR) confirmed the death of Kislinsky, who was buried in “his little homeland” a few days ago.

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“He didn’t just die in a fight against Nazism, he died defending the Russian people and the Russian land”, point to the pole. It is known that the Russian sniper belonged to the Russian spy agency GRU, which in Russian means Central Intelligence Department.

This agency was created in 1918 after the Bolshevik revolution and still remains under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense, this category of the army was distinguished from the popular KGB in Soviet times by its atrocious methods and its almost imperceptible way of working for the West. authorities for decades.

This represents the latest major casualty for Moscow in the 98-day invasion led by Russia, which is currently concentrating its troops in Donetsk and Lugansk.

For its part, the British Ministry of Defense stressed that Russia would suffer “devastating losses” among young and middle officers, added to the mutinies in their ranks.


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