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Ukraine says saving lives is its ‘top priority’ after criticism from Amnesty International

Adviser to the Presidency of Ukraine, Mijailo Podoliak, assured that “preserving the life and health of all citizens” is their “top priority” in the context of warthus responding to the criticisms launched by the NGO Amnesty International, which accused the Ukrainian army of carrying out combat tactics endangering civilians.

“Ukraine strictly abides by all laws of war and humanitarian law. The top priority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to preserve the life and health of all citizens in the face of barbaric Russian aggression,” Podoliak stressed.

For the Ukrainian representative, these kinds of statements question Kyiv’s response to the Russian invasion aim to discredit the armed forces of the country and harming the supply of weapons by Western powers, according to the UNIAN news agency.

Along the same lines, Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba accused the NGO of try to create a “false balance” between Russia and Ukraine instead of trying to “find and convey the truth to the world” about what is happening in Eastern Europe.

“It’s about creating a false balance between the criminal and the victim, between the country that is destroying hundreds and thousands of civilians, cities, entire territories, and a country that is desperately defending itself.saving his people and the continent from this onslaught,” Kuleba said in a video collected by the Ukrinform agency.

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