Tec de Monterrey and Canada seek to increase international trade

To reinforce links to offer international experiences was the reason for the visit sandra shaddick, consul of Canada, to Monterrey Technological Monterey Campus.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce initiatives of internationalization and pedagogical innovation from Technology seek to strengthen the wedding rings between the institution and this country.

During the visit November 26 of 2021 also participated Eric Walshgeneral manager of North American Strategy at Global Affairs Canada; Yes Karen Serdencommissioner of Swap of the educational sector of the consulate.

Sandra Shaddick (left), Canadian Consul in Monterrey, toured the Monterrey campus facilities.

Discover the international initiatives and programs of the Canadian delegation to Tec

The visit was led by Jose Manuel Paezvice-chancellor of internationalization du Tec who shared some of the Projects Yes achievements from Monterrey Tech.

“I am very happy to be able to share the initiatives Yes achievements of the Vice President of Internationalization with the Consulate General of Canada in Monterrey. Paez said.

“I’m sure we will continue reinforcement our link by the offer of international experiences and the initiatives of internationalization”, he added.

Likewise, the Canadian consul in Monterrey assured that the relationship between your country and the TEC of Monterrey this become stronger and try to continue cooperate in various projectsspecially in international programs.

“We have a lot Mexican students go to Canada Yes canadian students coming here.

“He is important For us the countries and our bilateral relations. At the Consulate General of Canada, we are working to ensure that this relationship grow. It’s great and I hope it gets even better.”Shaddick mentioned.

“It is important for our countries and our bilateral relations.” Sandra Shaddick, Canadian Consul in Monterrey

A tour was also carried out where projects of pedagogical innovation like him Tec Virtual Campusa simulated campus so virtual which students can enter with a avatar and participate in activities.

Projects of virtual realitycourse with hologram teachersinitiatives of Urban development What DistrictTec and spaces such as the new Wellness Center Yes Central Park were part of the visit of the Canadian delegation.

“It’s amazing how Technology use it Technology to go disappearing borders. 10 or 20 years ago when I was studying at university I couldn’t even imagine (these advances), they still didn’t exist.

“I am very impressed. We had one wonderful visitaffirmed sandra shaddick.

Virtual reality projects, classes with hologram teachers, urban development initiatives such as Distrito Tec and spaces such as the new wellness center were part of the visit of the Canadian delegation

Student mobility figures between Tec and Canada

During the visit, some of the The figures of the programs of International mobility between him Technology Yes Canada.

From 2016 to 2021, 2 thousand 835 students they had lived international experiences from the alliance of Technology Yes Canada.

During this period, more than 2 thousand 353 students of professional have studied somewhere temporary academic program in Canada, while 446 Canadian students temporarily studied at Monterey Technology.

the University of British Columbia, McGill university, Laval University Yes Vancouver Film School These are some of the Canadian universities that receive the most Tec students.

On the other hand the HEC Montreal, The University of British Columbia Yes Laval University are the institutions from which the majority of the canadian students arriving at Tec de Monterrey.

“The Cooperation (between Tec and Canada) is very strong. Really We value our relationship with the TecShaddick said.

The visit was led by José Manuel Paez, Vice President for Internationalization of Tec, who shared some of the initiatives and achievements of Tec de Monterrey


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