Talking Christmas tree becomes hottest attraction at Canadian mall

A shopping center in Dartmouth (Nova Scotia, Canada) placed a special Christmas tree to decorate its facilities. It’s ‘Woody’, an artificial tree with a robotic face that can talk.

Woody isn’t the first time he’s appeared in Canada’s ‘Mic Mac’ mall, however, he had not shown his face to visitors for 15 years. This Christmas decoration item is considered spooky by some, while others claim to adore its presence.

His appearance is so strange the news that Woody is back at the mall has crossed borders. In fact, even the famous American presenter Jimmy Fallon from ‘Saturday Night Live’ came to compare her to the Younghee doll from the ‘Squid Game’ series.

Woody’s appearance is definitely not very friendly. However, the tree with a face has become a traditional Christmas decoration among Nova Scotians. In fact, the reason for its non-use for 15 years was not due to the creepy humanization of the artificial tree, but to mechanical deterioration.

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Despite the mall’s old tradition, not all visitors are happy with Woody’s returnhated this thing –a woman named Bonnie came to report-especially since I worked at the mall and had to confront her every day”.

It is not yet known if ‘Mic Mac’ intends to bring back the old annual mall tradition or if it is only for this year. Despite this, the Christmas tree seems very happy to be back as part of Dartmouth’s Christmas decorations. I’m glad you came to see me“O”I want to congratulate you on the holiday” are some of the phrases Woody says.

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