Summit of the Americas: A drag queen dressed as Evita sang for Alberto Fernández and urged him to “not give in to the IMF”

Video Drag Queens with Alberto Fernández at the Summit of the Americas

A quintet of drag queens, dressed as the iconic American Marilyn Monroe and Argentine Eva Perón, asked a giant version of heads of state to stop the ecological crisis in the Americas.

The striking performance took place during the morning of this Thursday, near the convention center where, since Monday, the Summit of the Americas takes place, in the heart of the city of Los Angeles in California.

In the video you accessed Infobaewe see how the streaks are transferred in a double-decker bus to the convention center with the life-size figures of the presidents of United States (Joe Biden), Canada (Justin Trudeau), Argentina (Alberto Fernández), Brazil (Jair Bolsonaro) and Ecuador (Guillermo Lasso).

When they arrived, they arranged the gigantographs (all in black and white) around a sign that read: “save the planet“(“dance on the planet”). What followed? Under the watchful eye of a few onlookers, they sang a parody version of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” and, in turn, they exacted a particular request from each president.

Each of the drag queens sang a parodied version of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” on heads of state billboards.

Addressing the US President Joe BidenMarilyn Monroe reminded him that he had to pay the promised money to fight climate change and ensure that the summit’s ambition to “save nature before it was gone” was delivered.

To the serenade of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin TrudeauMarilyn also pressured him to pay the money pledged to stop climate change and urged him to end his government’s investments in fossil fuels.

When it was time to Albert Fernández, was asked”don’t give in to the IMFand work towards an ambitious debt-for-nature swap solution.

In addition to Marilyn, the Argentine president was “received” by a drag queen dressed as a Avoid Peronwho sang a version of the song don’t cry for me argentina. After the interpretation asked him to call on rich countries to pay their ecological debt to developing countries.

Between Marilyn and Evita, Alberto Fernández was urged
Between Marilyn and Evita, Alberto Fernández was urged “not to give in to the IMF”

Ecuadorian style Guillaume Lasso they asked him to stop destroying the Amazon by drilling for oil to meet Californian demand. Something similar was asked of the Brazilian head of state, Jair Bolsonarowho “confronted” a furious Marilyn for the destruction of the Amazon and her disregard for the rights of indigenous peoples.

“This can’t be another summit of empty promises and the United States, as the host nation and one of the world’s biggest polluters, needs to show leadership to get some real money. We are in an emergency, the climate and biodiversity crisis is already affecting the Americas and this Summit is an opportunity to obtain the necessary funds to protect nature and the poorest“, held Oscar Soriacampaign director AVAZa civil organization that promotes citizen activism on issues such as climate change and human rights, among others.

Jair Bolsonaro
Jair Bolsonaro “confronts” a furious Marilyn for the destruction of the Amazon

According to Soria, Alberto Fernández must continue to fight for financial reform that allows developing countries to access resources for an environmentally sustainable and socially just recovery.

“As a G20 country, Argentina has a geopolitical responsibility to be an active voice and to represent the least developed nations and to show the world that, based on truly innovative and creative negotiations, it is possible to solve the debt problem and recover economically without affecting biodiversity or the climate”, concluded the director of campaigns of AVAAZ.

During the month of June, which is both pride and environment month, Los Angeles’ most talented drag queens will continue to draw attention to the severe impacts of the environmental crisis gripping the Americasincluding tragic waves of migration, growing food insecurity, growing financial crisis and living conditions made precarious by extreme events.


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