Sheinbaum makes cabinet changes

Mexico City Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum has made changes to her cabinet, including the appointment of four new addiction holders. These moves are announced on the same day that Sheinbaum turns four years after winning the 2018 local election.

In the Secretary of TourismNathalie Desplas Puel replaces Rebeca Olivia Sánchez Sandín, who had only been appointed secretary during the first months of this year.

In turn, Sánchez Sandín was appointed as the new head of the Local DIFF, where she replaces Esthela Damián. This last official will not leave the government but will change position: she will now be Sheinbaum’s private secretary, as a press release reports on Friday.

In the Urban Development and Housing Secretariat (Seduvi), the new manager is Carlos Ulloa Pérez, who until now was Secretary of Inclusion and Social Welfare. Ulloa will take charge of Seduvi after he went headless due to the withdrawal of Rafael Gómez Cruz, who has been reported for harassment and is under investigation.

Within the Secretariat for Inclusion and Social Welfare (Sibiso), a new head has not yet been appointed. According to the press release, an office manager will remain in charge: Rigoberto Salgado Vázquez, who is the citizen participation coordinator.

Another movement occurred in Metrobuswhere Roberto Capuano is replaced by Rosario Castro Escorcia, who was a civil servant at the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi).

In turn, Capuano will serve as an advisor to the capital’s water system (Sacmex).

Finally, the city government announced that Amador Rodríguez Lozano would be the head of a new General Coordination of Institutional Relations. Rodríguez Lozano has held various public positions, among which, federal deputy and senator under the acronym of the PRI.

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