Shawn Mendes wins international Juno honor and delivers moving speech | Music

A new edition of Juno Awards It took place on May 15. This gala rewards the most successful Canadian artists throughout the year. Some of the country’s best known singers like Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes were nominated at the ceremony. The latter won one of the most important prizes of the evening, the International Achievement Award.

Shawn Mendes won two statuettes. The first prize was the one given by fans on TikTok, while the second was the Lifetime Achievement International Achievement Award and for being one of the most screened Canadian artists. During his speech after receiving the award, he explained how, when he was younger, he thought he had to write songs that people liked in order to be popular. “If I was nominated for a Juno or a Grammy, they would take me seriously”he confessed.

He had this idea since the beginning of his career, but over time he learned that it is more important to do what you love and to be proud of the path, in addition to enjoying it. “We were taught that what we achieve represents the value we have, but something I’ve learned now is that I was long enough before anyone knew me. name”commented on stage, to the applause of the public present at the gala.

Shawn Mendes continues in the studio to record new music, after releasing his latest single When you’re gone. A few weeks ago, she posted a tweet under the name Kehlani, sparking rumors of a possible collaboration with the R&B artist.

He also became the new brand image Tommy Hilfiger be a role model in the campaign “Classic Revival”, where the entire collection is made with sustainable materials. Sustainability is one of the aspects that Shawn Mendes appreciates the most, because he is committed to the climate cause. Also, on his next tour, Wonder: around the worldwill halve CO2 emissions to make concerts much greener.

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