Sena offers blue-collar jobs in Canada; how much do they pay and how to apply

The the job offer It is intended for personnel experienced in plastering gypsum. The call is to 100 vacancies and will be open until July 11so that those interested can already apply.

The main duties of the position are toapply, level and smooth coats of cement, plaster or similar material to cover interior and exterior surfaces, polish newly finished surfaces, edges, creases and joints, make the trim with raw or black plaster and plaster with white plaster.

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The Sign He clarified that five years work experience in the construction field is required. In addition, a minimum level of academic training such as a bachelor’s degree and basic English proficiency.

On salary, one of the most interesting topics, a base salary of between 10 and 12.5 million Colombian pesos is offered (approximately 4.00 Canadian dollars).

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Professionals interested in participating in this call must respond 100% to the requested profile. In addition, they will have to register their CV on the website of the Public employment agency Sena and apply.

Applicants also have the option of emailing and including the following information:

  • First and last names.
  • County and city where you live.
  • Type and identification number.
  • Email.
  • Name of the profession or profile of the position for which you wish to apply.

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