Ryan Gosling and his desire to play ‘Ghost Rider’ got a response from Marvel

Ryan Gosling is promoting his latest film for Netflix, ‘The Gray Man,’ worldwide. with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. However, the actor enjoyed a momentto mention his desired participation in Marvel.

In one of the interviews, the actor walked away from the conversation about his new production for the streaming platform and talked about his dream of playing the character of the ‘Ghost Rider’, also known as ‘Ghost Rider’.

Kevin Feige, Marvel producer since 2000, greeted the news with surprise and delight. based on his recent appearance at San Diego Comic-Con.

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After listening to Gosling’s desire, the American said welcome the proposal with open arms. The interpreter is in the spotlight after her main role in the film ‘Barbie’, in which will play Ken.

“Hey, if Ryan wants to be ‘Ghost Rider’…Gosling is an amazing actor, he’s wonderful…I would love to find a place for him in the MCU.”

Feige said that, also ensuring the viral photo in which the Canadian actor will play Barbie’s companion doll: “He dressed up as Ken at Venice Beach and got more press than a lot of movies that came out this weekend. It’s just awesome”he added.

‘Ghost Rider’ has a 2007 adaptation by Nicolas Cage. The film received a surprising reception. by fans of the superhero, who weren’t read in his “Spirit of Vengeance” sequel.

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