Rosalía’s reflection that inspired Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendez he’s not living his best moment. Just a week ago, the Canadian artist said goodbye to the stage when he announced the cancellation of his tour, alleging the importance of mental health and the need to be with family and friends.

The singer expressed these issues and the importance of mental health since breaking up with the singer Camila Cabello after two years. On November 8, 2021, the couple made their separation public, a few months later the singer announced via his networks that he was not well with a little reflection.

After the bad drink of the cancellation of his world tour, Mendes shared a nice reflection by Rosalía on change and transformation, something the singer is very supportive of, especially now that he seeks change in his health while he recovers and battles his demons.

The message goes like this:

“If you accept change, you accept contradiction because what may have seemed good to you before, if you change later it is not, for me to be human is to be contradictory. It seems to me that there is nothing more necessary than change and transformation. People sometimes have a very rigid idea of ​​what other people are and people are constantly changing and transforming and I celebrate that, it feels like a super positive thing to me.”

Shawn accompanied the fragment of this interview with some hearts, a crown and a “beautifully said» mentioning the interpreter of little cakeshowing that it joins the reflection that the singer made after the release of her album Motomami for Genius.

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