Road safety adds more technology and modernization to optimize controls

The Safety Secretary Benjamin Cruz and Provincial Road Safety Agency Director Francisco Fleming received 50 PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) devices from the National Road Safety Agency, with the aim of speeding up and regularizing the process of enforcement and collection of fines during controls carried out by the Road Police throughout the province.

In this sense, Cruz pointed out, “it allows us, from the APSV and the various municipalities, to streamline the work of prevention and awareness, as well as the collection of fines through the incorporation of new technologies that are more efficient and instantaneous “. He also referred to the prevention work they have carried out in educational institutions as a central axis to reduce accident rates in Salta, “we seek to have driver training integrated into the curricula of all levels of education, as well as in the training of teachers and headteachers.

The devices were delivered by the director of offenses of the National Road Safety Agency, Sebastián Álvarez.

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