Resto le l’assom Take a “roadtrip”to taste a sans gluten poutine at L’Assomption

Individuals with celiac sickness will go a few hours to appreciate sans gluten dishes securely and without cross-pollution.

It is at Resto le l’assom that many stop to eat up one of the most outstanding without gluten poutines in Quebec.

This drive-thru eatery , situated in midtown L’Assomption, has been around for a very long time and has been offering sans gluten poutines for a considerable length of time. It was the co-proprietor of the foundation, Pierre Martel, who had offering a protected dish for clients with dietary limitations.

“At that point, I kept modest quantities of this dish in my cooler and possibly defrosted it when somebody requested it. At some point, a client with celiac sickness came to attempt our sans gluten dinner and he shared with me: “you can’t freeze this dish any longer, individuals will request more!” He then, at that point, snapped a photo of the poutine and posted it in the Sans Gluten Québec Facebook bunch. That is where everything began ,” makes sense of Pierre Martel.

Gluten Free Quebec

This Facebook bunch, with in excess of 19,000 individuals, permits individuals whose lives are impacted by gluten to discuss their encounters, request guidance and find items and eateries.

Many post pictures of foundations that offer a protected menu for gluten prejudiced and celiac individuals. Resto le L’assom is much of the time cited on this gathering and produces numerous positive remarks.

The proprietor reviews that on account of this gathering, he has clients from Quebec, Montreal, Boisbriand, Trois-Rivières and even Beauce.

“I once had a client who passed on Quebec City to eat my sans gluten poutine and my chômeur pudding. Her significant other let me know it was her Christmas present. She tasted an ordinary poutine, took one to take out and left with eight servings of my sweet. She needed to warm it up when she returned home. In any case, you need to do it! ” , adds Pierre Martel.

A frozen poutine

With the solid interest for this sans gluten item across Quebec, proprietor Pierre Martel had showcasing his frozen poutine.

It is presently presented at the En Mode SG store, at the Roseline Sans Gluten pastry shop , at the Marché des Tilleuls , at the IGA Crevier sur Iberville in Repentigny, at the Cormier Farm , at Récoltes Hervieux and at Benwings Foods .

“The magnificence, all things considered, is that I can make my frozen items with my workers, when it’s tranquil in the café. It additionally permits individuals who can’t find time for taste the great sans gluten poutine from Resto le L’assomp! says the proprietor gladly.

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