Report: Nets ‘Wouldn’t Consider’ Kevin Durant Offer From Raptors Without Scottie Barnes

The Brooklyn Nets will not consider anything short of Scottie Barnes from the Toronto Raptors in a potential Kevin Durant trade.The Kevin Durant sweepstakes might be evaporating however the Brooklyn Nets seem reluctant arranged to settle.Any offer from the Toronto Raptors that does exclude Scottie Barnes isn’t in any event, being viewed as by the Nets, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on Get Up on Monday.The Nets keep on looking for exchange offers, Wojnarowski said, yet the market isn’t close to as vigorous true to form.

“The exchange situations out there are as yet perplexing,” Wojnarowski added.The Miami Heat are purportedly “extremely inspired” to add durant, Wojnarowski said, in any case, Bam Adebayo and Ben Simmons can’t play together on Brooklyn, entangling potential exchange bundles. The Phoenix Suns’ potential offers turned out to be less tempting when the Indiana Pacers marked Deandre Ayton to a proposition sheet, driving the Suns to re-sign him and keeping them from exchanging the disappointed focus until essentially January 15.

Toronto has up to this point shown no interest in exchanging Barnes who is falling off a Rookie of the Year lobby and whose compensation is little to such an extent that it would require the Raptors to add numerous other important players into the exchange bundle just to make the pay rates match. While the Raptors truly do have other youthful and All-Star type players alongside a full munititions stockpile of draft picks, Brooklyn’s reluctance to acknowledge an arrangement without Barnes has made it improbable Durant winds up in Toronto.

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