Querétaro resumed the flow of Canadian investments in 2021

Querétaro, Qro. In 2021, the entity captured $156.6 million in foreign direct investment (IDE) derived from Canada, ranking as the second country with the largest issuance of capital to the state; this amount is the highest from this origin since 2018.

The canadian investment of last year is more than three times the $43.7 million that was captured in 2020; Likewise, it is 78.4% higher than the $87.8 million received in 2019, according to the archives of the Economics Secretary (I KNOW).

However, the figure is still 15.7% lower than the $185.8 million received in 2018. In 2021, Canada It was the second largest sender of foreign investment for the state, just behind Spain, which issued $204.1 million.

During that year, Querétaro It was the sixth largest recipient of Canadian investment in the country, capturing 7.5% ($156.6 million) of the total Canadian investment received by Mexico, which amounted to $2,070.9 million.

In 2021, Zacatecas it was the main recipient of Canadian investments, absorbing 15.6% ($323.6 million); right away, Durango with 13.2% (273.3 million), Warrior13% (269 million); chihuahua with 9% (188.2); Mexico City with 8.9% (183.9 million); Yes Querétaro.

Regarding cumulative Canadian investments from 1999 to 2021, Querétaro It ranks eighth, accumulating $2,218.6 million, 4.7% of the $47,023.9 ​​million Mexico received from this origin.

The list of the main states that have received the most investments from Canada these are Zacatecas with 14.7% (6,918.3 million), Mexico City with 12.8% (6,021.2 million), Chihuahua with 9.3% (4,361.8 million), Coahuila with 7% ( 3,294.7 million), Sinaloa 7% (3,274.3 million), Guerrero 6.5% (3,059.1 million), Durango 4.8% (2,263.8 million) and Querétaro.

From 1999 to 2021, the years in which the state received the most Canadian investments were 2008 (with $233.5 million), 2009 (with $213.8 million) and 2010 (with $267 million). .6 million dollars).

In the total from 1999 to 2021, the canadian investment in the entity it amounts to 2,218.6 million dollars, that is, it contributes with 11.6% of the 19,066.4 million dollars of total foreign investment that Querétaro has received during this period, it is the third origin with the strongest injection of FDI in the State.

Above Canadathe list leads United Stateswhich contributes 32.7% of the foreign investments received by the State (6,235.9 million) and Spain with 18.4% (3,515.8 million dollars).



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