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This Thursday began the four days of celebrations in honor of 70 years on the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, which will be honored with British military displays including the deployment of cavalry and cannons on aircraft.

The official Platinum Jubilee celebrations will see the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the event. The 96-year-old Queen is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and the first to reach seven decades on the throne.

Thousands of people lined the parade route to get their seats. Cheers rang out as horse-drawn carriages carried members of the Royal Family, including Prince William’s wife Kate and their children Princes George, Charlotte and Louis, from Buckingham to Horse Guards Parade.

Prince Charles plays a key role in the event: mounted on horseback, he will be greeted by the guards on behalf of his mother, as well as his sister, Princess Anne, and their son, Prince William.

A reign that was not for her

On Sunday February 6, it was exactly 70 years since Elizabeth II became Queen of the then British Empire and its Commonwealth of Nations, after the sudden death of his father, King George VI.

At the time, the British Empire spanned the globe, royalty was revered, and televisions were a novelty of expanding mass communications. But the world and the monarchy have undergone profound transformations, and Elizabeth II navigated them all, with varying degrees of success.

Although February 1952 is the day of the beginning of his reign, no major event is organized for this anniversary. The central celebration of the Jubilee is this first weekend of June. Although polls show the majority of British citizens are loyal to the Queen, attitudes towards the monarchy have shifted from unquestioning deference to further questioning.

In the 1980s, Princess Diana, wife of heir to the throne Charles, helped launch the House of Windsor, but also ushered in an era in which the royal family was forced to negotiate a difficult relationship with the media qu ‘they stopped running the business. of the Royal Household with the “respectful reverence” with which they used to treat her.

Here we offer you some information about the queen of Elizabeth II, the monarch who occupied the British throne the longest.

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