President Abinader visits a mine where two miners are trapped and brings them messages of encouragement

Monsignor Nouel.- President Luis Abinader visited this morning Cerro Maimon mine, where two miners remain trapped with whom he spoke on the radio to give them messages of faith and hope and asked them to remain calm.

The president spoke with the Dominican Gregory Alexandre Mendezand the Colombian Carlos Yepez Ospina and told them that the government and the mining company are doing everything humanly possible to save them.

The Head of State also ordered that one of the tunnel boring machines of the Office for the Reorganization of Transport and Land Circulation (OPRET) which is used in the construction of the metro in Los Alcarrizos be mobilized from the mining company to strengthen the rescue work.

“Our goal is to get these two people out alive and that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re sending the subway teams to them, we’re calling Canada to have a third rescue option. We’re doing everything we can. to save those lives.” stressed President Abinader while speaking with the media.

The president indicated that the Dominican Gregory Alexander Méndez and the Colombian Carlos Yépez Ospina they are in a good mood and that the company took responsibility for providing them with water, food and medical services. He also pointed out that three times a day they check their health to keep any situation under control.

“I promised Gregory and Carlos that I was going to receive them at the Palace, and the Dominican’s answer was: Well, you are going to receive the most jevi Dominican and the coolest Colombian there. With this answer, this what I mean is that they are in good spirits and full of hope”declared the Head of State, addressing the press.

President Abinader added that two accesses have been made and another is planned with Canadian experts to speed up the rescue of miners.

President’s conversation with miners

Carlos Yépez, this is Luis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic, we are here to support you with everything we can with the Cormidom company to see how we can get you out as soon as possible”expressed the president during an interview with the Colombian.

The Head of State asked international consultant Carlos Yépez how they felt, to which he replied: “Yes sir, very happy, it’s nice to have you so close, but thank God my partner and I are fine.”

President Abinader, when he spoke with Dominican miner Gregory Méndez, told him that the government was trying to Get them out of there as soon as possible.

“We are here with all the resources the government has and are also seeking all international assistance to get them out as soon as possible, we are hopeful that the operations that are being carried out will be very successful,” President Abinader reported.

“The important thing is that you stay strong and with the hope that all the Dominican people, the Government, the Cormidom society and your family members are attentive to get you and your Colombian friend Carlos Yépez out as soon as possible. “, reiterated the leader.

On the other hand, the young miner stated that “we are always doing something, relaxing; We talk about many projects that we have to carry out because we also have children and we want to be strong for them; we have things to do when we get out of here”.

“Nobody should be sad, we are fine, thank you all for the unconditional support you have given; Go ahead, go ahead! We know they’re working because you can hear it from here,” said Mendez.

For his part, Gregory Méndez thanked President Abinader for the support that the government and the Dominican people have given them.

“Thank you for your support, but don’t worry about us because we are doing quite well and we are happy to hear that you are all here, and even more so you, the President, who, although we have not seen you personally , you already feel famous and important because talking with you likes it and you have taken time on important things to talk to us and give us this support, you feel good and good”, Mendez said.

President Abinader issued an invitation to the two trapped minors to come to the National Palace with their entire family as soon as they are rescued.

Likewise, he spoke with relatives of miners who watch over the integrity of their loved ones.

Cormidom Vice President Elizabeth Mena claimed that everything humanly possible is being done to save the two miners in the fastest and safest way.

He assured that they had a rescue team of about 70 people who work for 24 hours. He added that they were in a fairly controlled area oxygen-wise.

Government support for rescuers

The Ministry of Health sent psychologists to the scene to maintain constant communication with the trapped minors and thus encourage them. Likewise is the Ministry of Energy and Mines and Ministry of the Environment.

The Director General of Mines, Rolando Muñoz Mejía, He pointed out that to date they have executed the plan devised since the event, which is to have constant communication with the miners and to provide medical supplies. reported that to date 23 meters were advanced to rescue the workers.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte; the mayor of the municipality of Bonao, Eberto Núñez, and that of Maimón, Albert Cabral.

Also the governor of the province Monsignor Nouel, Raquel Jiménez; the deputy of the province, Norberto Ortiz, and the councilor of Cormidom, Osiris De León.

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