Pope Francis will visit Canada, wants to visit Moscow and Kyiv and assures that he will not abdicate

A year ago, the Pope had a colon operation. Now, knee discomfort caused him to cancel his trips. No version is missing at the end of August I was able to leave to another cardinal the responsibility of being in charge of the Holy See.

In an interview with Reuters’ Vatican correspondent, Francis said: “It didn’t cross my mind, never crossed my mind. Currently not. But the time will come when I’ll see that I can’t do it [su trabajo]. I go and The great example of Pope Benedict was a very good thing for the church.

The Bishop of Augsburg, Germany, Bertram Meier, met Pope Francis at the Vatican this weekend. After the meeting, Meier told the Catholic News Agency that It did not seem to him that the 85-year-old head of the Catholic Church was “tired of work”.

“I was very strong, physically and mentally” Meier clarified. However, for some time worrying versions have been circulating about the health of the Argentine pope.

On July 4 last year, journalists accredited to the Vatican, whose headquarters are one block from St. Peter’s Cathedral, learned that Francis had undergone colon surgery. Until a few days ago, the Pope could be seen at the window of the Apostolic Palace as he said his prayer with the thousands of people who thronged on Sundays in St. Peter’s Square.

That day, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni received the news: “The pope underwent planned surgery”.

After more than ten days in a clinic, Francisco returned home to Santa Marta in the Vatican. It was not until two months later that it became known that the “intestinal operation” -as it was called until then- it was something delicate. No details were given about the diagnosis or the treatment received. It was obvious from his face and hair that he was not receiving cancer treatment. However, Francisco himself in a radio interview launched a disturbing phrase: “A nurse saved my life.”

Since April of this year, Francisco usually uses a wheelchair due to left knee discomfort. However, on Saturday a photo could be seen where the tycoon is seen Elon Musk To the right of Francis while to the left of the pope are the four children of the South African millionaire. The photo was taken at the palace of Santa Marta and the meeting, outside the program, lasted 40 minutes according to the Vatican press agency.

Indigenous children murdered in Canada

A week ago, officially, the Vatican announced that July 24 François will go to Canada, where he plans to spend five days. Its first activity, on Monday 25, will be an encounter with the indigenous populations First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Maskwacis.

The world received the impact a year ago of the discovery of 215 children in unmarked graves in British Columbia, Canada. In June, they found another 751 unidentified graves in the province of Saskatchewan. And a few days later, 182 closer to the town of Cranbrook. All 1,148 graves have one thing in common: they were on or near the site of the Catholic Church’s boarding schools for the country’s indigenous children.

Indigenous community leaders immediately came out to make it clear that this was nothing new to them. In any case, denial – they explained – led to concealing this story for so long.

Investigations by authorities and community leaders have revealed the chilling figures of what happened between 1883 and 1996: Around 150,000 indigenous children were separated from their families and forcibly sent to such schools, where they suffered physical and sexual abuse and disease.

Health and travel suspended

Francis categorically refused to suspend his trip to Canada: wants to confront, support and accompany this real “genocide” as the indigenous communities of this country call it. Francis, however he had planned to visit Lebanon in June but, due to his knee, the visit was postponed. He also had a trip pending to South Sudan and Congo this week, countries rife with poverty.

Regarding the possible trip to Kyiv and Moscowthe pope told Reuters accredited to the Vatican: “I would like to go there, it is possible that I can go to Ukraine. The first thing is to go to Russia to try to help in one way or another , but I would like to go to both capitals”. The offer is launched, we do not know what Vladimir Putin and Volodomir Zelensky say about it.

Regarding his possible retirement, the pope only referred to the fact that The retirement of Pope Benedict XVI “was a great example for the Church”.

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