Pope Francis will visit Canada in July

Pope Francis will visit Canada in July, according to sources consulted by Radio Canada.

The Supreme Pontiff is expected to visit at least three cities during his trip this summer.

The Bishop of Rome would stop in Edmonton, Quebec and Iqaluit

The visit is expected to be a four-day trip around the country.

The Pope initially announced plans for the visit during his April 1 meetings at the Vatican with Indigenous delegates from Canada.

On this occasion, he issued an initial apology for the actions of individual members of the Catholic Church in residential schools in Canada.

Delegates who traveled to Rome hope that Pope Francis will also apologize on Canadian soil.

With Pope Francis’ visit to Canada in July and an apology to Indigenous communities across the country, a key call from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission would be met.


At the April 1 meeting at the Vatican, the pope told the indigenous peoples:

“For the deplorable behavior of these members of the Catholic Church, I ask God’s forgiveness and I want to tell them with all my heart: I am truly sorry. And I join my brothers, the Canadian bishops, in asking for their forgiveness.

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