Pope Francis has not ruled out resigning due to his health condition

After returning from his tour of Canada, the Bishop of Rome says his resignation may be possible as he cannot continue the pace of before

The main link in the Catholic Church reported that “the door is open” to his possible resignation as pontificate, but that he has not yet considered the possibility, although he says that if he did, it wouldn’t be “a disaster”.

Pope Francis made the remarks after returning from a trip to Canada where he apologized as a representative of the Church for the treatment of Indigenous Canadians in the past.

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Among the physical limitations the pope described at the press conference was his need to use a wheelchair to get around because his knee prevents him from walking, forcing him to speak to Canada sitting rather than standing. .

“At my age and with this limitation, I have to save my strength a little to be able to serve the Church” or “on the contrary, to think about the possibility of retiring”, he declared.

Pope Francis looks down during a press conference aboard the papal plane. AFP

If the pope resigns because of his health, he will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who resigned in 2013 saying he lacked strength.

He stressed that “it wouldn’t be something strange” or “a disaster”. “You can change the pope, there is no problem,” he added.

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Regarding his state of health, he adds that the doctors tell him that he could have an operation, but that he will not do so because of an anesthesia problem since his colon operation.

He also assured that he will continue to travel “because it is a way of being close to people and it is a way of serving”.


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