Playa del Carmen: Two Canadians killed in a tourist condominium

They were found two dead bodies in an apartment in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The fact has been revealed a police report where a Canadian couple had their throats slit. The victims, according to the police statement, have neck injuries caused by a razor or a knife.

However, also a guard of the place, was injured, according to the prosecutor’s office of Quintana Roo. In the apartment where the bodies were identifications with at least three different names of the man, who authorities said was wanted internationally for fraud.

Quintana Roo shaken by violent events

The authorities failed determine if the victims were residents of Playa del Carmen or touristsalthough it is presumed that they were in the Caribbean since last April.

On January 21, other Two Canadians were killed and one was injured in a shooting at a resort near Cancún. The beaches of Quintana Roo, main international tourist receivers, have been shaken by different violent events for several years, but generally they are recorded in sectors far from the tourist area; however, in recent months attacks in tourist areas have increased.



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