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Ricardo Bonilla, economic adviser to Gustavo Petro’s campaign, in an interview with Blu Radio, announced that the new government will proceed with a tax reform that will focus on income tax.

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“It is important that we carry out this tax reform to focus on income tax, where the greatest difficulties are. This is the first package and we seek to consolidate a tax reform which implies that the reforms do not have to be done every two years”, explained the President-elect’s campaign economic adviser.

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Bonilla added that “the income tax has 80% of the income of legal persons and 20% of natural persons. It is not normal. There is a need to rebalance the burdens and this involves reviewing both the corporate income tax, reducing exemptions and benefits, looking at how effective rates can be reduced and the transfer of assets and income , who are natural persons, to natural persons, as well as corresponds to them; individuals start paying more.

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In the interview, Bonilla also assured that “Today, the incomes of middle and upper income people are not fully identified, many are included in business expenses and their assets are not fully identified.; there are also many assumed in companies. This means that one of Dian’s important tasks is to carry out this purification”.

“We are talking about the richest 4,000, but because it was the data given by the Canadian mission, which said that one in a thousand of those who declare income have these difficulties, but surely when the assets are purged we will not reach one per thousand but 10 per thousand i.e. we would go to 40,000“, he added.

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In addition, Bonilla asked the markets for calm and assured that the shocks experienced on Tuesday have to do, in particular, with fears of a possible recession driven by the behavior of the US economy.

“There is a reaction in the world, there is the perception that something is happening in the American economy because of the possibility of a recession, obviously it affects Colombia. You have to separate the electoral effect from these things. The world feels that for the first time in Colombia there is a political change and there is an expectation that will have to be decided in these days. We have to wait to make the joint and send the message of calm, he stressed.

“There is fear because it is indeed a change of direction. A government of this level of the left has never arrived in the country. It is not true what Paloma Valencia says that the country is governed for generations by the left”. the right governed, but not the left. For the first time it comes. The point is what is expected. We’re not going to be Venezuela, we’re not going to be Nicaragua. We are going to have a social democratic government,” he added. added.

Likewise, he pointed out that the name of the new finance minister could be announced later this week. “The campaign hopes to consolidate, with the arrival of Alejandro Gaviria, also that José Antonio Ocampo joins, that Cecilia López arrives, I would expect Carolina Soto to also arrive, and on the other hand we consolidate a project of governance in Congress,” he said.

Luis Jorge Garay, Jorge Iván Gónzalez, José Antonio Ocampo, Alejandro Gaviria, Cecilia López and the same adviser Ricardo Bonilla would be those chosen to lead the portfolio.


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