Navarra Suma alludes to Eskimos to justify his no to Navarra’s Church Abuse Law

Sum of Navarre had to resort to an atypical comparison to justify his refusal to support the law of recognition of victims of abuse within the Church of Navarre and its orders.

parliamentary Inaki Iriarte, After defending that they are on the side of the victims and saying they know their pain and traumatic experience, he said that is not inconsistent with the fact that they will not support regulation. He justified that what should be studied are the abuse in all institutions and in all fields.

“We are not against the recognition of these victims, nor to rigorously investigate the one who falls, nor to evade institutional responsibility, nor to divert attention, nor to explore the mechanisms of justice and reparation. We will have to ask ourselves whether these serious violations of human rights are time-barred or not,” Iriarte anticipated.

Then, basically, in reality, he only found technical problems with the composition and the urgency of the commission that will be created to recognize the victims, and basically the basic problem, said Iriarte, c is that it stigmatizes the Church. “Shouldn’t the law, without distracting attention, serve the victims without discriminating between domains?” And, to illustrate this, Iriarte alluded to a survey that was carried out in Canada on the abuse of minors among the Inuit minority, among the Eskimos, revealed a terrifying figure of sexual abuse of minors. So, wonders the regionalist, would it make sense for a law to be made that only recognizes the mistreatment of Inuit women, wouldn’t that be pointing the finger and stigmatizing?

Well, according to Iriarte, this happens with the law of Navarre, which only stigmatizes the victims of the Church, and does not include those of sports clubs, families, orphanages, health centers or prisons. Finally, he also illustrated that in Catalonia a commission has been approved to investigate abuses in all institutions, not just in the Church.

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