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Moncloa allocates more than 50 million euros to the autonomies to finance aid to Ukrainian refugees

The government has distributed among the autonomous communities 52.8 million euros to finance the aid of 400 euros per months and another 30 million to cover accommodation costs. Catalonia, Valencian Community, Andalusia and Madrid are the communities to which the highest amounts correspond, while La Rioja and Cantabriareceive the smallest sums.

With the grant of 52.8 million, The aid payment will be funded for a maximum period of six months 400 euros per adult who does not have sufficient economic resources, plus 100 euros per month per dependent minoras well as the management costs borne by the autonomies.

Beneficiaries must prove the link with the minor responsible, by resolution granting the temporary protection regime joint and joint registration with the minor. In case there is more than one person responsible for the minoronly one of them can receive the additional amount for dependent minors.

The other 30 million euros will go for basic needs Ukrainian refugees and their distribution was proportional to new registrations of persons of Ukrainian nationality registered in the municipal register between March and May of this year.

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