Morena will conduct an investigation to reduce the list of 67 to 6 candidates at Edomex

Morena will implement an initial survey of 1,200 surveys in the State of Mexico filter who are the people most recognized by the Mexican people among the 67 candidates who registered for the internal selection process of the candidacy for state government.

Said poll will be carried out by the National Commission of Inquiry and will be carried out by telephone this week, informed Mario Delgado, leader of the party, after a meeting attended by only 28 of the 67 candidates.

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The three most visible gubernatorial candidates – the secretary of public education, Delfina Gomez; the head of the National Customs Agency, Horace Duarteand senator Higinio Martinez– did not show up for the meeting, but instead sent representatives with the argument that they were during business hours.

The participants interviewed explained that, given the number of names to be evaluated in the recognition survey, three blocks will be grouped: one where the 17 registered women will be included and two for the rest of the 50 men. Each block will be measured by 1,200 readings.

Along with this evaluation, the participants explained, the Edomex State Council and the National Council will issue an opinion in which they will indicate who, among the 67 registered, would be the ideal candidates. They can propose, each, up to three men and three women.

With the contributions of the recognition survey and the opinions of the Councils, the National Electoral Commission of Morena will communicate, no later than July 20, who were the people elected to go to the next internal round, consisting of a final ballot .

“The National Electoral Commission will take into account the opinion of the Councils (State and National) to assess the profile, and, with a measure of the knowledge of the territory, can make a more assertive determination, that is to say neither of the two things is decisive, neither the measure of knowledge nor the opinion of the Councils, that is to say that it is a question of technical elements that the Electoral Commission will have to evaluate which is the best option to direct the organizational work in our entity”, I explain Xóchitl Zagal, organizational secretary of CEN Morenista and candidate for the candidacy.

Up to seven profiles proposed by the Electoral Commission will participate in the final survey, taking into account the criterion of gender parity, and private companies will participate to carry out mirror surveys, as happened during the selection process internal of the last national elections. In this stage, 1,500 questionnaires will be applied, informed the consulted participants.

During the meeting, during which mobile phones were confiscated from participants, MP Ivonne Cisneros, member of the Morena Commission of Inquiry, presented the methodology of the telephone survey, but did not specify aspects such as the dates and geographical areas of the survey, supposedly for the security of the exercise itself.

At the end of the meeting, which lasted about three hours, the party leadership asked the candidates to sign a commitment in which they agree to know the rules of the game and to respect the results of the internal competition.

They were also asked not to “reproach” the party or their co-religionists, in accordance with the articles of the Statute; in the event of non-compliance with this agreement, they could be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

“It is the commitment to respect the results, and that they know the methodology of the process in which they participate and the articles of the Statutes – because we read them – to which this call is attached”, he explained. Mario Slim.

“No one’s freedom of expression is restricted. It’s not a commitment to “not talk”, it’s a commitment to respect the results because they know the methodology in which they participate. And the Statutes establish, in one of the articles, that insulting peers and leaders is not permitted, as it is almost always sponsored by the opposition and benefits the opposition.

Candidates who registered in the internal process and did not attend or send a representative, Delgado added, will be directly sought and consulted if they are still interested, to have them sign the undertaking and include them in the recognition survey.

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