Morena leads Edomex and battles neck and neck with PAN-PRI-PRD in Coahuila

The game Brunette, together with his allies, he is leading the preferences for the 2023 gubernatorial elections of the State of Mexico. In Coahuila, he maintains a close struggle with the alliance formed between the PAN-PRI-PRD, according to polls by The financier.

delphine gomezcurrent head of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), is emerging as the leading candidate to represent Morena in the 2023 elections in Edomex.

According to the survey, the teacher is the most popular and well-known political figure in the Mexican entity, with 33% of positive opinion and 74% of knowledge.

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When asked who they preferred to be Morena’s candidate for governor, Delfina Gómez stood out with 29% of mentions among the general population, more than double that of Morena’s second senator, Higinio Martínez, with 12%. .

On the side of the opposition alliance, those who stand out in the preferences of the general population are the members of the PRI Ana Lilia Herrera and Alejandra del Moral, with 19 and 17%. Among supporters of the PAN, PRI and PRD, Herrera captures 37% of preferences, while Del Moral has 23%.

“Statistical equality” in Coahuila

In Coahuila, Morena (46%) is only two points above the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance (44%).

The most popular political figures are PRI member Manolo Jiménez and PAN member Guillermo Anaya.

Manola Jiménez leads the preferences for being a candidate for the alliance, with 22% support among the general population and 38% among supporters of the PAN, PRI and PRD.

On the other hand, the Morenista Armando Guadiana has a favorable opinion of 33% and a knowledge of 78%, and leads the preferences to be the candidate of Morena, with 25% of mentions among the general population and 45% among Morenistas.

With information from The financier

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