Michael Monroe puts the best finishing touches on the ARF

Last morning in Mendizabala, the one lived on a Saturday when lightning threatened, a few drops fell, but in this Azkena Rock Festival marked by heat, no storm had to be suffered. In a full house, it was Michael Monroe who opened the last present of the twentieth anniversary and, as usual, that of Helsinki took the staff in front, which was exactly what was needed at that time. In fact, the thing ended around three o’clock and more than one wanted more. And that the forces were beyond the limit.

The Monroe case is not new. The ARF itself knows what it is capable of. And he did it again this time. Accompanied by an orchestra that he should keep for a long time and making the poor spectator suffer which is not in the writings, who spent the whole concert picking up the microphone cable and reviving it at the foot of it , the singer did No Stopping. He took the floor in front of the audience, he did the marathon on stage several times, he got on the drums and he threw himself on the floor, you don’t know how many times.. Well, and he sang, boy he sang. Quite a waste in different ways, also based on the safety of having fellow travelers more than up to the task. It’s no use a big leading man if those behind are not up to it.

But it was the final point, the last gift offered by this 20th anniversary of the Azkena Rock Festival, this reunion contest after three years of waiting. Much more happened before after the lesson given by Patti Smith.

Black Mountain at Azkena Rock Festival 2022 Alex Larretxi

In fact, when she finished, two very different proposals appeared to Mendizabala. In the third scenario Robert Hitchcock It had its moments, but the formation created specifically for the passage by Vitoria was noticed for lack of filming. In the second, they returned to the capital of Alava Black Mountain. It was a red-marked recital for many Azkeneros. But between the fact that these tables didn’t have their year with sound -it’s not the only performance in which it happened- and that the emotions experienced with Smith were still very present, the proposal did not finally not hooked at all.

Despite everything, the Canadians managed to put on a recital that had moments of greatness. Too bad there was no continuity in this work. Everything doesn’t always go perfectly. You also have to be aware of that. Nothing happens either. On your next visit, whether to a festival or a hall, plans will surely go better, more than anything, because the band has a lot of quality on all four sides.

Suzi Quatro at Azkena Rock Festival 2022 pillar boat

After them, and without losing sight of what happened in Trashville with a special mention for Oh! Gunquit, came the most difficult moment of this festival for many of its regulars. We had to choose between two proposals that they liked and very much. And here, there were tastes for everyone. What is certain is that daniel roman, on the third stage, knew how to sew a concert very well thought out and executed. It’s in its moment, what we usually say, and it shows. Meanwhile, on the main boards, another of the fundamental proper names of the poster of this 2022 has appeared, Suzi Four. Beyond the fact that there remained both the horns and the singers, that of Detroit offered a living journey through different moments of his career, displayed his sympathy and even had his moment of emotion, leaving the bass, sending his band off the stage and put on the piano

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