Mexico will ban the contracting out of workers in the avocado and berry industries

Mexico has said it will ban the outsourcing of workers in the avocado and berry industries, in part to ensure companies comply with the requirements of the country’s trade deal with the United States and Canada.

Agree with Reuters, the Minister of Labor, Luisa María Mayor, announced that her ministry would issue a directive prohibiting industries from using contracted labor for certain activities. Specifically, it will prohibit the contracting out of avocado and berry pickers

The mayor announced the policy at a meeting in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico’s main avocado-producing state.

Michoacán Governor Alfredo Ramírez said “guaranteeing formal employment is necessary for companies to comply with the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada, as well as to settle a ” historical debt” with the day laborers”.

The mayor indicated that the secretary of labor will work with companies “to initiate a process of regularization, so that there is a level playing field, to eliminate unfair competition and to promote respect for individual and collective rights”.

This year, the United States temporarily suspended imports of state avocados after a USDA official received threats.

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