Mexico or Canada? Marcelo Flores ‘chooses’ ahead of Qatar 2022

The sectors have been defined for the world Cup of Qatar 2022where the Mexican team you already know your destiny and in fact

is located in one of the death groups
so they will need the best team possible and players like Marcelo Flores.

The 18-year-old talent, who plays for the Arsenal of the premier leagueit continues to be debated whether he should represent Mexico where to go with Canadaa team that has already decided on the possibility of taking him to Qatar 2022; the player “would already have made a decision”.

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Marcelo Flores ‘chooses’ between Mexico and Canada

After the end of the event where the groups have been defined, different soccer players Mexicans they reacted to the Aztec team sector, where one of the messages that stands out the most is that of Marcelo Flores.

The young footballer launched a story in instagram this for many may seem little, but it is significant, because in it appears the Group Cwhere is Mexico, and what will be their path to the title of the world of Qatar 2022.

Why does this message give signs that you would choose Mexico?

In social networks, it caused a stir for the simple fact that Marcelo Flores shared the group Mexico and not that of Canadasince both were defined almost at the same time but those of the ‘Maple Leaf‘ was not appearing on their social media.

Marcelo Flores has dual nationality, both that of Mexico as the Canadahe could therefore decide to play with either of the two countries and although he has already played with the Aztecs in lower and a duel friendly with the largest, with the “northern neighbors”, he has not yet done so.

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Canada is convinced that he wants to take Marcelo Flores your choice, maybe even Qatar 2022but on the side of Mexico Gerardo ‘Auntie’ Martino He didn’t make a big effort to summon him.

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