Slow and steady progress is better than daily excuses. Robin Shorma, Canadian writer.

We are going to focus, in this delivery, on the government of the State of Chihuahua. Because!. If you want, read.

Maru Campos, as governor, a few days ago publicly announced an event that she simply called “A year of great transformations, indicating that since June of last year she has taken this “wise” decision to initiate a change in this land of Chihuahua. .

From the outset, on reading the note, we were stunned, amazed, dubious, amazed, incredulous and everything else that comes to mind, again why! Finally, because the “government” has not explained what kind of transformations it will operate, has not clarified the phoneme, to write it down somehow.

It was very ambiguous to our knowledge and understanding that, we clarify, it’s minimal, but it doesn’t matter; We think he should have defined it more explicitly for the peace of mind of all of us who live in the land of free earmuffs and Majalca pines.

Because if anything needs an urgent urban transformation, it is this land of Bravo so abandoned, so neglected, so forgotten by the rulers and the ruled: it is enough to mention 5 years of PRI government and five years of independent government , to mention only the last years of municipal administration and almost a year of PAN-Morenista government, where the towns of Cerro Bola have not seen, nor do they see, any urban change, which is sorely lacking and if we go more far, for more than 60 years 60, no governmental sphere has done something to transform the forgotten H. Ciudad Juárez.

Now they want to build a so-called sentinel tower to take care of Juarenses and a congress center which, if built with high technology, according to the 21st century and not there, as is customary in the public works, I would give, what doubt settles, a very good image to the city and here the spotlights were pointed on us.

To receive visitors, shouldn’t the house first be cleaned and tidied up? Good.

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